The best way to take 'selfies' on your phone.

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Meet the Self-E-Case

We have been busy testing different methods in function to bring the most unique phone case to the market for talking 'selfies'. We feel that the 'Self-E-Case' is the ultimate phone case for talking 'selfies' (and most other pictures) within the consumer market.

It presents form and function in allowing you a comfortable, natural grip, while talking on the phone. One of the unique features of this case is that it allows you to quickly snap that 'Selfie' or 'Groupie' with friends.

Amazing Features

Here's just a few of the benefits of the Self-E-Case


The Self-E-Case allows you to capture more within your camera's lens without the need to crowd in for a photo. It's like having someone take the photo for you.


The 'arm/remote' extends out from the case giving you an added 15" of reach end-to-end. This allows you to relax and not worry about stretching your arm to gain the picture you are looking for.


Our innovative and Patented design has allowed us to give you the ultimate experience when using it. It also allows us to easily add multiple phone compatibilities to it.


Our unique design allows you to use the phone within the case while allowing you to capture any photo. Whether the photo calls for a portrait or landscape view, the Self-E-Case can do it.

Add an extra 15" to your reach when taking a photo

Our self enclosed remote and arm hides itself within the back of the phone case and easily extends out to add an extra 15" of reach. This allows you, the consumer, to comfortably capture more in each photo you take while using it. And be honest.... who doesn't want another 15" of extension?

  • Built-in 'retractable rods' for taking 'Selfies'
  • Easily switch between Landscape and Portrait photos
  • Fits well in your pocket when your phone is not in use
  • One case.... multiple possibilities

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Capture more with each picture you take

No more crowding into a group to get that one photo with everyone in it. The Self-E-Case allows you to get extra distance with your phone to get everyone into the shot easily. It's like having that one friend with you at all times to capture the photo for you.

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